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Romantic Relationships

Drug and Alcohol Use

Encounters with the Law

Deceit and Dishonesty

Risky Behaviors

Sexual Experiences

Classic Sexual Experiences

Basic Sexual Experiences

Intriguing Sexual Experiences

Online Interactions

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Learn How to take the Rice Purity Test with our You YouTube video Guide, Learn About the Results, and What the results and score mean.
How does it work?
Statistical Report

Rice Purity Test, over 10,000 Users – Insights and Findings on Life Experiences and Choices in a Comprehensive Assessment.

Here is a statistical report that represents the recent rice purity tests that have been taken on our website.

The User ID’s are random and represent the Anonymous Users that have taken the test
Who Developed Rice Purity Test, How did it start?

The Rice Purity Test was developed in 1930 by a group of students at Rice University in Houston, TX. The Rice Purity test is also referred to as the "Purity Test". It was developed to critique the then morals of conservatives which were hard and difficult to follow for many.

Now, in 2024, we use the Purity Test or Innocence test for self-assessment or other purposes. It is also used to assess our kid's morals, elders, or younger ones. Other beneficial uses include social bonding, entertainment, and other such activities that involve the Rice purity test.

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What does your Rice Purity Score tell about you?

The score of a person is determined by the number of questions they can answer with an answer other than “Never done.” The lower the score, the more activities or experiences the person has participated in. A score of 100 means that the test taker has not done anything that is listed on the test.

Questions in the Rice Purity Test are from different categories and ask about different things that you have done in your life. It asks about Drugs, Love, Romance, Sex, Personal hygiene, Academic Honesty, and more. The Questions range from Personal Topics to Sensitive topics.

A step-by-step guide on how to perform a Rice Purity Test

Time needed: 12 minutes

Our version of the Rice Purity Test is updated to 2024, here is how to take the test:

  1. Open any of your Browser

    Using any of your Devices open your favorite browser e.g. Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge.Open any of your Browser

  2. Visit website

    Enter the URL and hit enter, you can also search for Rice Purity Test in Google Search.Visit website

  3. Begin Questionnaire

    On the left side of the website, you have a list of 100 Questions that you have to answer.Begin Questionnaire

  4. Answer the questions

    Read the questions carefully and answer each of the questions with a simple yes or no, depending on what you have done or not done in your life.Answer the questions

  5. Your Score and What It Means

    Now click on the Calculate Score button and you will see the score instantly in % Percentage, depending on your Score you will get a simple interpretation of what your score means.Your Score and What it means

Average Purity Score for Girls and Boys

There is no specific average Rice Purity Test score for girls or boys so The Rice Purity Test is an individualized assessment that reflects a person’s unique life experiences and choices.

These Scores are based on our Survey and we deem it to be the most accurate from our Survey, Results may vary in different Surveys.
Rice Purity Test Score Card

This Rice Purity Test Score Card gives you a quick interpretation of how you have lived your life so your score can be anywhere between these scores and the score is always in % (percentage)

This might vary on different platforms, but this is more likely to be the most appropriate description of the scores. Read full information on Rice Purity Score meaning
What is the Purpose of the Rice Purity Test?

The Rice Purity Test can be an enjoyable and stimulating experience with many benefits. These are the five most significant benefits that come with going through this Rice Purity Test:

Mirror Reflections of your self for Rice Purity Test
Self or Personal Reflection

The principal goal of this test Rice Purity Test is to stimulate self-reflection. In answering a series of questions with honesty, people can gain insight into their personal experiences, behavior, and beliefs also It’s a good method for those who wish to look back at their actions in the past and the way they are aligned with their current beliefs and values.

Social Bonding
Social Bonding or Ice Breaker

The test is often used to create a bonding exercise between People who are friends or acquaintances can take the test together and afterward, they will evaluate their scores. This could lead to fascinating conversations sharing personal stories, and an understanding of one another’s background and experience as a result creating an opportunity to bond on a deeper degree and to foster friendship.

Entertainment and Fun

For a lot of people, those who take this Rice Purity Test is simply an opportunity to have fun so It’s interesting to see how one’s performance compares to others, and what the results tell us about their life. The test can also be used as a fun distraction, especially for those looking for an enjoyable and fast online exercise.

Social Comparison
Social Comparison

Usually between siblings, or friends or just between two people, Rice Purity Test can be used to compare the way both of them have spent there life till now and what are the adventures to be taken or have been taken.

Cultural Norms and Expectations

Taking the Rice Purity Test can also have a purpose for some people to check what social norms have they broken or been aligned with, It will give you an accurate score on how have you been through the societal expectations.


Most people in there old age might take this test to remind themselves of what they have done and what they have been through so to simply recall the memories they have had in their life, that might strike by reading and answering the questions.

Humour and Comedy
Humor and Comedy

It can be a great laughing exercise for you and your buddies but the questions might evolve into Fun story telling exercise and you might end up have a humorous time, lightening up your mood and making your time amusing.

Personal Reflection
Personal Reflection

Being in a personal space and trying to reflect on the experiences that you have had so you can have insights on how you have spent your life, and you can set goals according to the reflections of the life experiences that you have had.

Informal Social Research
Informal Social Research

This test can also be used to measure the consensus of a demographic region or to gather information about your students or office This can be used to examine the trends and patterns of a certain region.

Although taking the Rice Purity Test can be enjoyable and informative It is important to be prepared with an attitude of humor and a sense of acceptance. The Score is not scientifically test, and the score that is shown of different websites is based on the questions and the algorithms in addition to that There is no right or wrong score and it all works on different platforms in a different way.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rice Purity Test

Here are some questions that our Users have asked us Recently

Is it Anonymous?

Yes, the test is completely anonymous. We do not collect personal information or store individual responses. Your privacy is our top priority.

Is it Free?

Yes, Our Rice Purity Test is completely free without any ad’s or anything that bothers our users.

Can I retake the Rice Purity Test?

Yes, you can retake the test as many times as you like. However, for the most accurate reflection of your experiences, we recommend taking the test periodically rather than frequently.

Is the Rice Purity Test scientifically accurate?

The Rice Purity Test is not a scientifically validated assessment. It is intended for entertainment purposes and to provoke thought and discussion rather than to provide a definitive evaluation of one's character or experiences.

How do I share my results?

You can share your results by using the share button provided at the end of the test. This option allows you to share your score anonymously on social media or directly with friends.

What if I have concerns about my score?

The Rice Purity Test is meant to be a fun and engaging way to reflect on your life experiences. If your score raises any concerns for you, we encourage you to speak with someone you trust or a professional who can provide guidance and support.

Why are there so many websites about Rice Purity Test?

There are many versions of Rice Purity Test and all the websites have different methodology of calculating the Rice Purity Score, Some have different questions and some websites have different UI, You can take all the test and it is all free, or you can choose one of the website as your favourite one. It does not matter as long as you are satisfied with the score.